LaSalle Street, Chicago

We serve clients in diverse industries, across the U.S. and internationally, and at all stages in their business’ life cycle.  Our business clients run the gamut from start-ups to established companies with a national or international presence. This diversity benefits you because it gives us a broad range of experiences that we can uniquely apply when building solutions to address your problems and challenges.

When you engage our firm as your CPAs, you will experience what it means to have a professional on your team.  We adhere to a philosophy that every business client benefits when they have a consistent, knowledgeable, and responsive point of contact.  For that reason, we have adopted the use of a “client relationship manager” for our clients that have ongoing business engagements that involve regular accounting work, financial statement preparation, payroll, or sales tax work.  The client relationship manager is someone who coordinates the accounting, tax planning, and tax preparation of the entire engagement.  This insures that our clients work with staff members who know them, their families, and their business, who are aware of their specific situation, and who will work as efficiently and effectively as possible.  This concept is basic and simple, yet so many CPA firms violate this basic need time and time again by shuffling clients between staff members.  Nobody wants to be treated like a number.

Our Business Services

The Businesses We Serve – Because our clients range from family businesses to foreign-owned entities, they are large, small, and in-between sizes, and they cover a wide spectrum of industries, from basic trucking to precision engineering, our client base is a microcosm of the larger economy.