Our Services

Bass, Solomon & Dowell, LLP offers a broad and deep variety of services to its clients.  Our work is diverse, and the types of clients who turn to us are diverse as well:

  • Professional couples who need help with planning and preparing their income taxes
  • Corporate executive who needs tax planning due to a number of diverse investments and stock options
  • Venture capital groups that need help in analyzing a business for a strategic acquisition
  • Manufacturing companies required to have a certified audit or a review for a bank loan
  • Businesses who need to improve their accounting functions
  • Foreign owners of U.S. subsidiaries who need accounting oversight functions or audits
  • Decedent’s estates and trusts that need guidance in understanding complex tax laws
  • Recent retirees who need tax planning and preparation at a transitional time in their lives
  • Nonprofits who need a certified audit for compliance purposes

These are just a few examples of the broad range of services we provide.  Please select a category below for more information:





Trusts and Estates

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