1-19-17 America’s Most Hated Companies

1-19-17 – In a list no company would want to make, America’s Most Hated Companies have been identified by 24/7 Wall St.  The ignominious list is based on scores from a variety of metrics, including customer service, employee satisfaction, general public perception, and financial performance.  Here, then, is the list:

McDonald’s – customer’s rank the company low service compared to its competitors, while the general public tends to view the company negatively on a variety of issues.

Mylan – EpiPen and greed – enough said.

Bank of America – customers rank this bank poorly, and little goodwill has been built with employees (a racial discrimination suit did not help).  This bank also was front and center in the recent banking collapse.

Comcast – in an industry known for poor customer service, Comcast does not disappoint. Cost, performance, billing, and reliability were all horribly rated for this company by its customers.

Wells Fargo – this company did not fare well from the 2008 recession, but the most recent scandal – creating millions of unsolicited credit card accounts for customers –  really hammered the public perception.  The stock price has been in the tank for years.

Facebook – while the stock has performed well, Facebook gets a black eye from the public for the way it gathers data from its users, as well as from its handling of fake news that became a hot topic during the presidential campaign.

Spirit – the worst customer satisfaction ratings in the industry

Dish Network – low customer and employee satisfaction ratings

Sears – low scores from customers and employees, bad financial performance

Sprint – low customer satisfaction ratings and customer service rankings

Walmart – negative image from hurting mom and pop retailers in small towns, while paying its employees very little; customer satisfaction rankings are low as well

Charter Communications – customer service rankings that are consistently among the worst in their industry