Our History

Proud of Our Heritage

While Bass, Solomon & Dowell, LLP traces its present structure back to 1992, our organizational roots in the business community extend back to 1981.  Our firm started with a strong foundation of providing services to the business community and to individuals.  In our early days, much of that work revolved around providing fundamental bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses and preparing income taxes for individuals.  Over the last two decades we have retained our basic characteristics, but we have also expanded our services dramatically.  Among other services, we prepare certified audits of financial statements for businesses, governmental agencies, nonprofits, and 401k plans; we step “outside of the box” to design consulting and agreed-upon-procedure engagements that assist our clients in managing their businesses; we assist foreign parent companies by providing services to their U.S. subsidiaries; and we have an extensive practice that focuses on working with fiduciaries and preparing estate and trust returns.  

One thing that has not changed has been our approach to doing business.  We believe in providing quality, thoughtful service in a timely fashion and in communicating throughout the process with our clients.   The quality of our work is dependent on our professionals and on our commitment to ongoing training, education, and professional collaboration.  Meeting deadlines requires that we stay highly organized and on schedule.  Communicating requires that we listen well, communicate the strategy at the outset and set expectations correctly, and then follow up until the project is complete.   We don’t think that saying these things makes them happen; we believe in challenging and proving ourselves day in and day out.   While our goals are lofty, we are committed to this philosophy.

We have been located in Palatine, Illinois since our inception.  While our location places us in the midst of the northwest suburbs where many  of our clients reside, it also puts us conveniently near Metra trains to Chicago, expressways that connect throughout Chicagoland, and near O’Hare airport.  We make full use of these various forms of transportation as we service our business clients throughout our local area, the Midwest region, and the country.  

Our members take pride in their involvement in the business, civic, charitable, and social communities of the northwest suburbs. Our members are your neighbors, volunteers, and community leaders.

While the majority of our client base is located in the greater Chicago area, our clients are also located throughout the United States. In fact, a growing number of our clients, both individual and business, are located in other countries or have business operations in foreign countries.