We are currently hiring accounting staff members – please read below for more details!

Current Openings at BSD

Possibilities exist for full-time and part-time work and for flexible schedules.  We are currently looking to fill two positions at this time:

  1. An experienced professional with a strong audit background, who also should have reasonable knowledge of corporate and individual income taxation concepts.
  2. A professional with a strong accounting background, who also has been exposed to corporate and individual income tax preparation.  This professional will work closely with our business clients, providing them with support throughout the year.

Both positions involve minimal travel outside of the Chicago area.  If either of these positions describes your background, and if you want to enjoy the difference of working at a small CPA firm, please contact our office manager at

The Small CPA Firm Advantage

It seems to be a secret, but we don’t really know why.  A career at a smaller CPA firm can be infinitely more rewarding than at a large firm.  The answer is simple – at small CPA firms, all staff members play key roles in client projects.  Staff members are not just faces in a crowd or hours on a timesheet.  There is immense satisfaction in knowing that every staff member contributes visibly to the client project and to the firm’s success.  With less bureaucracy and a direct path to leadership, staff members have the satisfaction of knowing that their voices are heard.  Importantly, a true and honest path to ownership can exist for those who aspire to those positions.  Entrepreneurs can find their spirit satisfied at small CPA firms.  Most people don’t think of us as entrepreneurs, but many progressive CPA firms were built by creative, inventive professionals.

Starting a Career

Most accounting graduates understand that the degree is merely the door opener; the real work of building a professional career lies ahead, and that first step is to get experience.  There is undeniable name recognition that comes from working at one of the Big Four, but ask around for the real facts:  At a large firm, you will be overwhelmed initially with tedious and monotonous tasks, typically in only one discipline (like audit), seeing only glimpses of the entire project, with no real macro understanding of the client or the engagement.  At a smaller CPA firm like BSD, you will do work that really matters.  You will join in on strategy discussions.  You will participate in audit, accounting, tax, and consulting projects.  You will get to know our entrepreneurial clients.  You will gain perspective on your new profession.

For the Experienced Professional

If you have spent much time at a big CPA firm, then you know what it’s often like:  Auditing accounts payable for 2 years running; putting in long hours and seeing far too many hotel rooms; generally being treated like a workhorse.

That wasn’t the reason you joined our profession.  Pursuing your career at a smaller CPA firm can help you grow as a professional.  Unlike larger CPA firms where the skill sets are so narrowly honed that very few have strong general business knowledge, we expect our CPAs to understand business.  For us, being our clients “trusted adviser” is more than just a platitude.  Our clients are passionate about their businesses.  In many cases, they have risked everything they own at one point or another to launch and sustain their business.  If you share a passion for business and if you enjoy working with business owners, consider a career at BSD.

Respecting the Work-Life Balance

Accounting is a rewarding career that offers a variety of opportunities for satisfying careers and lifestyles.  Small firms don’t manipulate the criteria or spend their time applying for “best employer” awards.  We don’t hide the fact that CPAs work in a challenging field – that’s what drew us in the first place.  Large firm or small firm, the bottom line is that all of us put in extra hours during key times of the year.  Treating you like a human being, however, makes for the real difference.  Where a Big Four firm thinks nothing of sending a staff member away on a three-month assignment, we don’t want you to miss your child’s school play. We care about our professionals genuinely, not just to win a best employers award.

What Is It Like to Work for BSD?

We focus on continually educating our staff members, because we believe a good professional has a thirst for knowledge.  We will treat you like a professional.  You will function in a collaborative environment, but you will be expected to use your skill sets and to think on your own.  We work to be transparent with our clients, delivering our projects timely and communicating throughout the process to our clients.  We want to see every staff member advance their careers, and we specifically look for professionals to develop the technical skills and the soft skills necessary to take on the role of partner in our firm.

Internships at BSD

We have participated in the internship program with Illinois Wesleyan University.  As an employer in this program, we have offered a position to an accounting major for an eight-week internship.  We have chosen to participate in this program as a way to give back to our profession and to allow a student to gain critical insight into our profession.  To provide the intern with the most realistic experience possible, we have approached this as if we are hiring the intern for a full-time position as a staff accountant in our firm.